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Everyone out there- I was thinking that it is time the Linda McCartney "Hey Jude" clip is taken offline. I'm trying to get webpage owners a to post a message that asks people to delete this clip if they have it and to ask Napster users to do the same. It's a good way to remember her escpecially with her death coming up. If you're at all interested, e-mail me and I'll send you a banner and more info about this.

A while back, during a concert, an engineer thought it would be funny to make a tape of JUST Linda singing. It sounded really bad and it was realesed.(Everyone sounds bad singing "na, na, na") So anyways, the press and most the world jumped on Lin's back and poked fun at her. The recording was circulated and Lin' was put through a lot of grief. Then with the internet, this recording has gained more exposure, turning people against Linda even more. I thought of this idea to ask people to delete thier copy of the song when I read a bit that said how hard it was for Linda to explain to Heather why "People hated mummy" and that they would hate anybody that lived with Paul. Even though Linda had left us, she still deserves to be remembered and to live on without being constantly ridiculed.

For all of the Napster users (and any other similar service), when you log on, please search for users that have the "Hey Jude" clip. Ask them politely to delete it and to join this campaign.

Please post this on any site that has a forum or chat room regarding the Beatles, we are going for miximum exposure to get this song off the web!

If anyone has any good Lin' pictures I can use I would be very grateful!

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